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March 14, 2023

Dear Poet

Elizabeth Estrada
Dear Poet

Dear poet

you are brave

you are soul meets planet earth

and earth meets shockwave and

shockwave meets elevated consciousness

and elevated consciousness meets



The one who just wants to create

Lost in societies bait

But she just




So dear poet,

Who are you?

Deep down you know

wave to current

seed to fruit

human to being

magic, mystic, complex, messy

Connecting ideas like dots from pen to paper

brush on canvas

thought is now action

Dear poet,

you are sweet, patient

sometimes fearful and rampant

Chaotically calm like a popping wax candle scented from the oceanic oak trees

Back to the original organism

orgasmic in your rhythm

loose in your movement

Firm in idea

Frozen yogurt melts with slippery strawberries

They say unfortunate,

You say


period blood wiped on gut

they say dirty,

you say


It’s the Primal pride

no menstrual shame

ancestral energies within

you ride for change

desiring it now

But everything has a time and place

A time and place

a time and taste

Sweet with a touch of salt


yes I have mommy




Yet I choose to sit in light and it shines brighter than any problem in the way


Remind yourself

it’s okay to play

let the inner child run through

Dear poet,

you perform surgery on words and end up healing


Elizabeth is a multi-disciplinary artist from the San Fernando Valley. She specializes in painting and spoken word poetry. Her poems are inspired by the beauty and mystery of life. Her poems include themes of sexuality, vices, self empowerment, spiritualism, and more.

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