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A Day Younger
by Longjam Gaurav Kumar Singha

I try to crawl to the times when,
The mirror I was standing to,
Showed me a lively kid of ten.
Fine time then; no worries too.
Where days, spent on lively fields,
Flying kites, or playing marbles,
And now I am on 6-inch robotic fields.
Indifferent to the many games, accessible,
Only at the tip of my crumbled hands
I cannot ever write, how happy,
One can be to lay down on,
A riverside with you friends.
Or, throwing mud balls at friends.
But how do I feel that joy, now?
When we have become too modern,
To bear all that is past and old.
But, now that I lay old here,
I wish if I could crawl back to,
A day ago yesterday where I 
Was younger only by a day.


Longjam Gaurav Kumar Singha hails from Badarpur, a sub-urban town at the border district of Karimganj, Assam in India. His deep fascination towards art and literature is what made him fall in love with poetry. His works reveal the universal attachment to human experiences, and capture the little things, the little moments that closely binds our life. His other interests include reading, playing football and travelling. At present, a life-long student in literature, he is doing his doctoral research on Queer Literatures.   

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