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The 44 Campaign

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Our Goal

The goal of the 44 Campaign is to find 300 giving people who will donate $44 a month for the sustainability and growth of The Sims Library of Poetry. These dollars will help us keep the library open, buy more poetry books, offer events to the community, and hire much needed library staff members from our own community. We currently have two employees working for the library, and we'd love to hire more in order to expand our services and better serve our neighborhood. We'll also put the money towards expanding our Black and Latinx poetry collection and further renovating the library space to add a reading room and office.

We are calling it the 44 Campaign because in 1731, Benjamin Franklin created the first library in what would soon become the United States called The Library Company of Philadelphia. He did so by asking his friends to donate 44 shillings a month for the creation of this library. He successfully did so, and created the first public library in this country. 

The Sims Library of Poetry is the first library of poetry in the city of Los Angeles, and we endeavor to create and support a space dedicated to the reading, writing, and performance of poetry. We are looking for people who believe in the power of libraries, and the significant impact they have on the literacy of their community members.

Library Friend


($264 per year)

By donating $22 a month towards the Sims Library of Poetry, you help us grow our space and better serve the local poetry community and beyond.

You'll get:​​

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Donor Plaque

  • Free access to library events

  • Recordings of events + readings


Library Supporter

($528 per year)

($528 per year)

By donating $44 a month towards the Sims

Library, you will help pay employees, maintain our facility, and most importantly, grow our space and better serve the local poetry community and beyond.

You'll get:​​

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Donor Plaque

  • Personalized Bookmark + book

  • Bi-weekly poetry class 

  • Free access to library events

  • Recordings of events + readings

Library Pillar


($1,200 per year)

By donating $100 a month you will be a true library patron. More than just helping us pay the bills, you will be responsible for the growth of our library, helping us better serve the community and celebrate poetry while expanding to bigger projects.

You'll get:​​

  • Sims Library of Poetry T-shirt (annual)

  • Discounts

  • Bi-weekly poetry class

  • Personalized Bookmark + book

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Donor Plaque

  • Free access to library events

  • Recordings of events + readings

Donate to the Sims Library of Poetry

Make a One-Time or Monthly Donation

Special Thanks to Our Friends, Supporters & Pillars

Tom Stock-Hendell

Monica Varney

Derek Denckla

Belinda F. Robinson

BT Taylor

Michael Davis

Joseph Sims

Anne Marie Wells

Natashia Lindsey

Celeste Shen

Cynthia Benin Lemus

Quentin Ring

Sarah Pavsner-Mael

Noemi Towers

David Maruyama

Figurative Virtue (Mike)


Leanne Kathleen Ingino

Sandra Sanchez

Carmen Vaca

Gabby McCullough

Alberto Vaca

Coffee and Bao

Ana Sanchez

Marco Aguilar


Andre Hoilette

Kiana Martin

Michael Martinez

David Tran

Debbie Washington

Felicia Ekpengyong

Juanita Parker Scott

Tommy Domino

Phillip Levien

Tami Waters

Stephanie Yu

Stefan Kennerly

Ravel Kennedy

Patrica Kindred

Oombi S. Flores

Natalie Graham

Gwen Sims

Jelani W. Michael Hamm

Chris Schmader

Thomas Augustine

Jeff Rogers

Kaitlyn McQuown

SylviaYunuen Diego

Beatrice Coleman-Sweet

Makeen Yasar

Edgar Chacon

Katie Aliféris

Abraham Kimani

Lynne Thompson

Anne Hafner

Jason Masino

Yadi Hashemi

Lindsey Caneso

Maureen Piquette Haynes

Melaina Williams

Jon Krampner

Jonathan Simmons

Laurie King-Billman

Lincoln Der

Tammi Terrell


J.D Nelson

Sydney R. Goecke

Nicole Sanchez

Molimau Fatu

Mode Korvidae

Hiram Sims

Derek D. Brown

Davina Ferreira

Daniel Christian

Anna Maria Ferree

Michael Bonifer

Artemis J. Rose

Akash Dagur

Carol Leila

Patricia Sandoval

Malinda Waller

Anthony Khayat

Krystle Statler

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Lisa Demidovich

Robert Williams

Andrea Lee

Traci Reeves

D.J. Stroughter

Kristi Thompson

Darlene Craviotto

Frank Haynes, JR

Monique Meriweather

Vickie E Williams

Peggy A Codding

Phuong Vo

Robert Krut

Richa Amar

Annette Brown-Brooks

Jazmine Major

Left Handed Jeff Rogers

Sheila and Rick Head

Sara Khayat

Alyce Johnson Samms

Alexander Hart

Milena Anfosso

Tim McKey

Anastasia Helena Fenald

Alex Petunias

Kathryn McMurray

Elizabeth Galoozis

Karo Ska

Roderick Fabre

Michelle Smith

Bri Stokes

Latosha Guy

Tonia McMillian

Jose Marquez

Gia Civerolo

Mike Laventu

Jessica Tejada

Milan Eatmon

Maurice Dwayne Smith

Tasha Thomas

Erica Lopez

Wilfred Doucet

Neelanjana Banerjee

Mimi Lam

Andrea Requeno

Juan Amador

Brenda Vaca

Ray Holman

Robert Haberman

Alexandra Ulmas

John Darnielle

Yanique The Consciousness Doula

Huge Thanks to Our One-Time Donors

Dr. Nooshin

Ed Cook

Ereene Allen

John Legere

Angela Franklin

Stephen Armstrong

David Fontaine

Nichole Blackwell

Erica Lopez

Lucianne Hinton

Aja Jones

Felica Taylor E.

Yohance Serrant

Ada Reid

Ramiro Castro

Shane Murray

George Walker

Cynthia Benin Lemus

Eisha Mason

Allison Simon

Antonia Khayat

Charles F Gelsinger

Davina Ferreira

Ebony Murphy Root

Keren Rodriguez

Danny Rinne

Jessica Wilson

Trisha Salerno

Connie Christianson

Judith Pacht

Timothy Pogorzala

Christina Sherrills

Alicia Virani

Avery King

Meghan Barrett

Beth Ann Petrakis

Mitchell Hernandez

Renne McDonald

Laura Gold

Krystle Statler

Kathryn McFadden

Liberty Karp

Ron Dowell

Nicole Onley

Brooke Ray

Emma Rockenbeck

Dorothy Pemberton

Juana Esquivel

Kathy Shelton

Mauricio Moreno

Lateefah T Patterson

Alejandro Resendiz

Sharon Mitchell

Sheila Heggs

Estee Nsek

Jennifer Garcia

Teresita Maloloyon

Vanessa Garcia

Evan Cummings

LA Social Media Trainer

Paul Mabon Productions

Kate Whitehead

Armando Morales

Vickie Vertiz

Joyce Lewis

Joseph Buck

Adanna Moriarty

Ashanti Webster

Tonia McMillian

Maricela Ramirez

Kristen Marshall

Quentin Ring

Elias Herrera

Zakiya Glass

Carmen Viliesid

Tom Earl

Michael Caboy

Pharaji Faraji

Michael Bradley

Alma Cardenas

Charles Becker

Karen Scott

Rose McCullough

Olga Murillo

Alicia Blanco

Erik Anderson

Tyler Bradley

Grateful for Our Institutional Donors

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