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Alex Trubatisky, Monica Varney, Fenald Freelance, Hiram Sims, Patricia Kindred, Tami Waters, Davina Ferreira, Oombi Solis Flores, Traci Reeves, Ereene Allen, BT Taylor, William Djelani Hamm, Dr. Nooshin, Cynthia Benin Lemus, Dr. Colleen, Stephanie Yu, Lavella Thomas, Christina Brown, Camari Carter, Ed Cook, John Legere, Derek Brown, Jane Engleman, Zawadi Eaton, Tim McKey, Fernando Palacios, Angela Franklin, Thomas Augustine, Scotia Cole Henry, Ralonda Simmons, Rick and Sheila Head, Reatte Wood, Dr. Natalie J., RainDog, Dominique Woods, Nickey Lowney, Kate McFadden, David Sims, David Fontaine, Natalie Graham, Daniel Christian, Molimau Fatu, Mode Korvidae, Ravel Kennedy, Gwen Sims, Alex Johnson Samms, Alexander Hart, Tom Stock Hendell, & anonymous donors.

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Our Goal

The goal of the 44 Campaign is to find 300 giving people who will donate $44 a month for the sustainability and growth of The Sims Library of Poetry. These dollars will help us keep the library open, buy more poetry books, offer events to the community, and hire much needed library staff members from our own community. We currently have two employees working for the library, and we'd love to hire more in order to expand our services and better serve our neighborhood. We'll also put the money towards expanding our Black and Latinx poetry collection and further renovating the library space to add a reading room and office.

We are calling it the 44 Campaign because in 1731, Benjamin Franklin created the first library in what would soon become the United States called The Library Company of Philadelphia. He did so by asking his friends to donate 44 shillings a month for the creation of this library. He successfully did so, and created the first public library in this country. 

The Sims Library of Poetry is the first library of poetry in the city of Los Angeles, and we endeavor to create and support a space dedicated to the reading, writing, and performance of poetry. We are looking for people who believe in the power of libraries, and the significant impact they have on the literacy of their community members.

Library Supporter



($528 per year)

Join the 44 Campaign by pledging $44 a month towards the Sims Library of Poetry! This money will go towards paying employees, maintaining our facility, and most importantly, growing our space and better serving the local poetry community and beyond.

You'll get:​​

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Donor Plaque

  • Personalized Bookmark

  • Free access to library events

Library Patron



($1,200 per year)

For $100 a month you will be a true library patron. More than just helping us pay the bills, you will be responsible for the growth of our library, helping us better serve the community and celebrate poetry while expanding to bigger projects.

You'll get:​​

  • Sims Library of Poetry T-shirt

  • Personalized Bookmark

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Donor Plaque

  • Free access to library events

Pillar of the Library



($2,400 per year)

By committing $200 a month, you are a pillar of the Sims Library of Poetry. With your monetary support, we will work towards our big dreams of the future, such as opening an additional library elsewhere in South LA, hiring a larger team of employees, and creating more community events in the spirit of bringing people together around poetry. 

You'll get:​

  • Bi-weekly poetry class: Special Sessions

  • Sims Library of Poetry T-shirt

  • Personalized Bookmark

  • Printed Newsletter

  • Donor Plaque

  • Free access to library events

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