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Poetry Month: Sims Library of Poetry

It began with a man and a suitcase of poetry. Hiram Sims, professor, and poet started this journey...

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LA Times
After COVID lockdowns, an essential L.A. community reemerges: the poets

The sun was setting into the haze, birds circling above an outdoor stage set up in a private residence...

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Cultural Daily
Redefining My Love for Poetry Through the Sims Library

When I first volunteered for the Sims Library of Poetry, I did not expect a physical manifestation of myself–unfinished, still growing, pursuing a dream...

Step Inside
Sims Library of Poetry

To passersby on Florence Avenue, one building stands out from the facades. Nestled among...

Poetry Lives Here

Over the last three decades, the Los Angeles Poetry community has grown into one of the most diverse and active scenes in this city...

Power of Poetry in Florence

Investing in arts and culture is increasingly being recognized as a catalyzing force for community development. Strategies to boost the visibility of arts...

A Place Built by Poets for Poets

While South Central Los Angeles has long had a vibrant poetry community, local writers lacked a dedicated venue ...

The Poet Who Took His Idea from Suitcase to Shelf Space

A South Los Angeles teacher started a poetry library to help his students keep up with their reading assignments. Now...

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