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About Us

We are the first black-owned poetry library in the state of California. We aim to engage with the South L.A. community by offering a space to read, write, study, perform, and appreciate poetry.

Our Mission

To serve, educate, and find love for poetry, especially for marginalized people of color in the community of South Los Angeles.

Where We Started

Hiram Sims, our founder, started lending books to his university students out of this suitcase after mandating that they read one book of poetry a week. As demand grew, his suitcase library was forced to seek a larger home.

Where We've Been

The Sims Library of Poetry got its official start in Hiram's garage with a collection of about 3,000 books. Poetry open-mics and other events were held in the Sims backyard as a community began to establish itself around the growing library.

Where We Are

In the summer of 2020, we found a permanent home for our library in Inglewood, and since then we've been transforming the location to a poetry-friendly space. We now have 6,689 books (and counting!) and we're hosting pandemic-friendly events.

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