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by Josh Evans

Eve bit the apple on purpose 
because she knew 
perfection is the bane of humanity 
Genesis is shelter in place 
For the only biblical proof 
God might be male 
Because a Black woman's insight 
To induce grace 
Saved the world for millions of years 
Until Jesus copied her and took all the credit 
This planet is a drifting tomb through the universe A time bomb of damnation 
Desperately clinking its treasure chest of bones Keepsakes from all the skeletons 
Who escaped our closet 
Trying to convince our idols 
That we are gold 
Without Black people 
There is no redemption 
No culture, no soul, no gravitational pull 
Into the burning orbit of purpose 
And without Black women 
God doesn't exist 
The best sons take after their mothers 
Jesus was a mama's boy 
Doing his best to reconcile a universe 
Not shaped by his hands 
Even as he hung on that cross 
He knew 
It was his Black God Mother 
Who had already paid the price ultimate 
Jesus knew he only had one experience that she did not Death. 
The tongues of Black boys 
Scar and crack 
Like a Lion King showing at a meth lab 
When Black Mothers die 
We are never prepared 
How can we be 
Black Mothers 
Black Aunts 
Black Grannies 
Are the life keeping our blue blood red
I remember this 
When I look in my Granny's subtly aging eyes 
And see Paradise staring back 
Just a little dimmer 
The island trees in her smile 
Losing a little more of their wind 
Prayers can't save her from dying 
Anymore than rain can drown a pool 
It's all water 
And her river is bending back towards her source 
I need more face time with her 
My allegiance to contemporary, android living 
Isn't worth the offering plate of tears 
Regret's final sermon will demand of me 
I cannot die for her 
But I can live with her 
So my upgrade is the same as hers 
In spite of my years of decrying 
The decline of Apostle Steve's vision 
I will bite the apple 
On purpose 
Because imperfect track records 
Are the only communion 
The Black God Mother accepts


Josh Evans is a poet, storyteller, voice actor, and educator from Pasadena, California. He has read at Beyond Baroque, Avenue 50 Studio's La Palabra series, a Dignidad Literaria read-in, and was a feature poet in the Los Angeles Music Center's "For the Love of LA" production. Josh Evans has also performed at a plethora of engagements, including weddings, birthdays, conferences, and both private school and college events. His poems and essays have been published in the Café Con Libros inaugural anthology, Spectrum anthology, Angel’s Flight Literary Magazine, Altadena Poetry Review, 

and the Los Angeles Poet Society's debut anthology "Los Angeles Poets for Justice: A Document for the People." His short story collection "Aces Wild" can be purchased on Amazon. Josh is online on Twitter/IG/ TikTok under @GriotJosh.

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