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How to Forgive 
by Carlos Ornelas

How do we forgive those who have wronged us
Those Who Have Lied and those who have conned us. 
How do we forgive those beautiful monsters
For all of the painful hardships they've caused us. 

How to forgive those who have disgraced us, 
Those who devalue yet never appraised us. 
Those who misplaced but yet never claimed us, 
Those we've set free just for them to enslave us. 

How to forgive them who wronged us severe
Demand explanations yet speak so unclear
So insecure that our joy is their fear
High expectations not meant to adhere. 

How to forgive those who never forgave us.
Who throw in our face all the gifts that they gave us 
So, why forgive all the evil they do? 
Because that's the difference between them and you. 


Carlos Ornelas


From Lynwood, California.

The author of the poetry and Art book titled, "Ketchup: Sopa de Gato", is an English major (Rhetoric and composition) who is working on his second poetry book.

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