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I know how it feels... 
by Austin Letorney

I know how it feels to think, and think, and think, and then overthink and then stop thinking
because your brain just needs a break from thinking. Sounds confusing? It is. 
It's just as confusing for us while it's happening. To feel crazy, lost. To wish you could let it all

I know how how it feels to want to please everyone. To have no one upset with you. That horrible,
hard to describe feeling of shame, of failure. Yet knowing full well that it is impossible to please 
everyone. Whether it be jealousy, a mistake, or simply a personality clash. A truly impossible

I know how it feels to be depressed. To question the point of everything, the existence of 
oneself on the ground you walk. The feeling of loneliness despite having those around who love
you. The darkness that engulfs your mind even on the brightest of days. 

I know how it feels to lack confidence, to be self-conscious; to doubt your every move and 
question every choice. To feel like everyone is watching you, judging you. Not as a narcissist, 
but as an insecure being in a sea of insecure beings. 

I know how it feels. You are not alone. Ask for help, offer help. Be a beacon of hope, of light, of 
guidance, of protection for those who want it; for those who need it. 

You are not alone. I know how it feels. We all know how it feels. 


Austin Letorney is a writer based in Boston, MA. He has written for several publications in health, fitness, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle content while being creatively involved with screenwriting and poetry. A rower throughout high school and college, he put his love of the arts to the side. After competing with the United States Under-23 National Team at the 2017 World Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, he put down his oar and traded it for a pen. Finding solace and a real passion in writing, he hopes to entertain and inspire others through his work. You can find him on instagram @austinletorney

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