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by Adriana Domínguez

The continuum is where I exist.
I must navigate the imposed map that has no compass.
Your opinion is always valid.
Your word is taken at face value. 
Your education and credentials are never questioned. 
Your sex and color allow you to command. 
U are so luck. Y?
I must have backing for what I believe.
I must always justify what I say.
I must prove my qualifications. 
My sex and color remove me from a world of validation. 
Do you recognize your privilege?
I do. 
Do you include others in your license of freedom? 
Please do. 


Adriana Domínguez (Director) is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at UTEP. Recent projects include: Real Women Have Curves, El Toro y La NinaA Christmas Carol, en la Frontera, and ​Cenicienta. Her areas of focus are underrepresentation in theatre. Adriana lives in El Paso, TX, a vibrant community that knows no borders.

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