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my (inner) roommate
by Nhylar

have you met my (inner) roommate
a brown soft-femme,
wears too much print
name's melodrama
she's judgmental, easily perturbed
and her habits include:
jumping to conclusions
clinging to emotions
incessant chatter
living in the past
thinking about the future
forgetting the big picture
I have to constantly remind her
that we're cosmic beings
with a limited time on a blue planet,
that's spinning in empty space
I’m getting used to her disturbances
there's nothing she could make up-
that passes for reality
so I observe, I refrain from reacting
I watch her become hyperactive
I watch her emotions pass through her
I watch her let go of the pain
and that's when I feel like "me"


NHYLAR is a 25 year QPOC who currently resides in Vancouver. She uses poetry as a creative outlet for her existential rage. She writes about queer representation, living away from home, intimacy and anything that intrigues her. She is also a community builder and founder of queer art exchange. Follow her on IG @shutupitdoesntmatter.

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