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November 9, 2022

22 October 2021

Mel Green
22 October 2021

write a poem

when it comes to you

feel grateful

when you feel it

tell your person you love them

only when you mean it

experiment with psychomagic

grow beyond your walls

the old you is a phantom

and now you’re 8 feet tall

so proud of your mistakes

i ate them all for breakfast

i promised i wouldn’t give my heart away

i promised i wouldn’t be reckless

the fates lead the willing and drag the won’t

if you’re believing everything you’re thinking–


Mel Green is a poet and paper mâché artist from Austin, Texas. She earned an English degree, dreaming of being a high-school English teacher like her mother. However, disillusioned by the public education system, Mel sought a different path and found herself at the School of Architecture. Mel’s first poetry book, Dead Bees, was published by Zines + Things in 2021.

Instagrams: @melrainbows and @lionhymangreen

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