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January 31, 2023

after meeting you

Jessie Lian
after meeting you

“But it’s the having not the keeping that is the treasure.” - Jack Gilbert

make me like a sea sponge
able to let things go as easy
as i let things in- belief
that the ocean will always come back
obvious & ubiquitous like love
the stubborn insistence of love.
and suppose it never does come back.
make me believe that it was enough
just to have momentarily tasted it, the
flood of hungry life, swimming through my pores.
how lucky, to have had it. but please
would you please still


Jessie Lian is an LA-based poet who spends much of her time watching clouds. Her work has been nominated for a Best Small Fictions anthology run by Sonder Press, and has appeared in Star 82 Review and the forthcoming Los Angeles Press. You can find her on Instagram @yessietojessie.

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