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October 19, 2022

Dirt Eaters

Ximena José Guevara
Dirt Eaters


ved steps

bend to the ground

-Krishna, Chimayo-

Head: pressed down

Swallow some dirt

(Feel the Big Bang-)

                  -BOOM! In the womb: The birth of a universe

Swells, spawns: planets, moons.

Eat from the earth:

Bits of forever will cling to your teeth

Vast.          And certain.

And endless.          And deep.

Ate from the earth

Swallowed her dust

                 Tasted agape

                 [This swelling, it hurts]

Growing and growing

[Please make it stop].

Ximena José Guevara, first generation Venezuelan-American, has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember. Local to Los Angeles and currently finishing her degree in Liberal Arts And Honors in Creative Writing at The New School, she also spends her time attempting to write jokes and attempting to tell them onstage: only one of those activities is going well.

Themes in her writing often include Being, Potentiality and Joy.

She speaks five languages, prefers the desert to the beach and her favorite food is Iced Tea.

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