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September 14, 2022

it is my war. is it my war?

Rachit Sharma
it is my war. is it my war?

when does a war truly become one's own?

nausea is a sign,

of smell of fresh blood entering my nostrils,

when i can't feel an arm or a limb,

it is definitely when my bed looks like a coffin under the debris

when my house is a mound,

is it when i have to choose between bread and my brother?

war is the chasm between hope and the world..

so is it when both have failed me?

to be in one's own war is to be constantly disrobed of the idea of time,

all time, all of its linearity

it is my war. is it my war?

i'll wait,



until it shows me a strong enough sign,

till then I am not sure

if it's truly mine…

Rachit is a poet, a facilitator, and an obsessive napper. For the past five years, he worked within the full scope of operations at Youth Alliance, a non profit organization based in India. He curates his life experiences along the lines of 'if you keep searching for beauty in the world, you will eventually become it." Rachit spent his early years working with tribal communities and grassroots organizations in remote regions of Mizoram and Chhattisgarh. His poetry has found a home in several Indian and international literary platforms. When not enamored by poetry, music, and arts you can find him taking a purposeless nap by anything remotely tree-like.

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