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October 26, 2022


Yasmin Safdie

It is the song of the universe

Big bang flowing with inertia

Tectonic plates vibrating

to the rhythm of expansion

It is true. Once, a million stars ago

Before continents and islands,

We were one.

But the ecosystem demanded space

The oceans pushed

And we spread with the minerals



Where is it that I end and you start?

Are my mountains not your mountains?

The womb, our first home

The map of my topographies, roads

that travel within you

My coastlines, puzzle pieces

that fit your edges



Around us

Between us

Within us

The geology of being and belonging

Propelled farther and farther

Until the familiar becomes foreign

How deep will archeologists need to dig

to find our shared roots?

Yasmin was born in Israel and grew up in Argentina and Brazil before coming to the US in her teenage years. She has a Bachelors and Masters in Clinical Social Work and currently directs a harm reduction program for people who struggle with mental health and substance use. In her free time, she writes poetry as a way to spiritually cope with this chaotically beautiful world.

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