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August 17, 2022


Jennifer Baptiste

What am I?

I don’t have the luxury of being mediocre.

My tresses are curled and kinked.

My skin is darker than bronze

And paper bags and I walk in a

World that devalues me at times

without knowing me.

When I make contributions,

Receive accolades, and do two

Times the effort of others to

Receive the bare minimum

After Interrogation. To have

My mind stripped and forced into strength.

Who am I?

I am amazing. I am the best of the best.

I am worthy. I am resilient.

I am enveloped in ethereal radiance.

Outperforming. Finely pressed.

A pillar of fortitude on

A foundation of vulnerability.

Not because I tried to be,

but because the world meets

me in a way to make me so.

Jennifer “Miss B” Baptiste loves writing lyrical pieces that resonate with the heart and mind to promote healing, curiosity and human connection. She currently resides in the North Hollywood Arts District and works as a school librarian. Jennifer had a unique upbringing, spending summers with her father in Utah and school days with her mother in Texas. The two opposite worlds exposed her to a wealth of diversity and influenced her knack for storytelling with relatability.

She holds a Masters degree in Library Science from Sam Houston State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Houston with a minor in English. Jennifer has also taken writing coursework at UCLA extension, maintains SCBWI membership, and is an active member of the writing community. She can be spotted at local literacy events related to poetry, children’s literature, libraries and bookshops.

You can connect with her writing, art and videos on various social media platforms @WheresMsB.

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