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May 16, 2023

sunday at echo park

Arumandhira Howard
sunday at echo park

we sip topo chico with the sun  

drinking us down;  

we are two nomadic seasons, 

unanchored, gliding. 

your t-shirt hangs off your back like 

a heat wave. you, smiling a foreign language,  

imagining what i look like dreaming.  

i'm unrelated to every color except this moment.

elsewhere, there are wars in the name of dialect— 

it’s something we both lose sleep over. but 

the human heart is the bite of a rabid dog. 

before time puts us down, let me just say 

i want you, i hope that’s enough. 

Arumandhira (she/her) is a Blasian queer writer and marketer born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia (now surviving in Los Angeles). Her work appears or is forthcoming in Wax Nine Journal, Bruiser Mag and SWWIM. She makes music under the name Ohyeahsumi. 

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