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July 27, 2022


Valerie Yvette Peterson

... and when I look up high to the skies I see the beautiful geese flying...

As though a thin string has them connected, 

Bound together 

Joined by destiny, 

Linked by desire, molded as one 

continuously through the flight. 

It is as though they are in a kite form, sailing against the winds... 

Resiliency, together always, as a team. 

With this immaculate, extraordinary formation, 

Have you ever seen a bird out of place? 

All geese are in unity flying in 


Do you ever wonder where they are going or, from 

whence they came? 

Do you think they will ever get tired ... of flying? 

I wonder, if the geese, 

while flying together, 

ever stop for a break ... to simply relax 

while on their journey. 

What would happen to the perfect V-shape, 

If just one bird turned back? 

Imagine, one bird, turning away from the destination, deciding not to 

go on with the rest ...

Selfishly independent of the rest. 

Are there heroes among them? 

Are there leaders out in front?

Who is to make the call? 

Such a tranquil unification of teamwork 

These geese so are. 

When you look above 

at the geese in, do you feel weird ...

apprehensive maybe -- 

As though something is about to happen BIG? 

And when you see this extreme level of conformity, 

cohesiveness, what do you feel? 

At times you may see a bird or two 

Flying ... crooked, outside of the rest ...

Don’t be alarmed, 

They are getting in line, 

catching up to the rest, a little slow at first, but still 

in formation. 

Do you hear their sound? 

We as a people, must gain our sense of direction, 

regain our sense of community ... 

Just as the geese. 

We as a people, must stay in line with the leaders 

who are heading us in the right direction. 

When we hear that signal, we must follow the call of duty, 

and when we hear the signal, we must move ahead. 

When we hear the signal, 

We must encourage others that have lost their way ... along the way. 

Some of us may wobble, become crooked ...

We must help them get back in line 

Straighten the course 

and move ahead. 

We must stand by one another,

help carry those that have been lost throughout this journey. 

Is there a leader among us willing to 

carry the load for the people 

and of the people? 

Will we, as a people fly high in 


About Valerie: Valerie Yvette Peterson; Poet, Playwright Creative, has been writing for over 35 years. Her work can be found within the G.A.R.E. Annual Conference, Nashville Herald, Dr. Melinda Silva’s Podcast for Mental Health, Ethically Immoral Podcast, and many others. Her work has been included in three Anthologies: One, being published by the L.A. Poet Society Press; two contributions published by Moonstone Press.

Her short film: THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL highlights supporting black men living with mental illness. Her work of SADIE and MYRTLE was selected for the PNMC and received commission by Portland Playhouse for her production of WHEN WE CRY.

Valerie has worked with the Poetry Society of New York and Fertile Ground Festival’s Award Panel, creating a shift toward equity and inclusion in BIPOC Artistry. Her MUSICAL POEMS are on most streaming platforms and the Numberz Radio 96.7FM.

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