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February 7, 2023

What the Beast Desires

Josh Handville
What the Beast Desires

[content warning: suicidal ideation]

a terminal constellation / a polka dot brain / some MRI scans /

no survivability / a car crash coma / an unconscious sanctuary /

a graveless release / a corpse still breathing / a Van Gogh death /

one gutshot’s certainty / a crimson belly painting a commissioned

masterpiece / Hemingway’s guilty gun / & one anxious round /

a cleaning kit / an accident / a suicide later found / a host /

some prey / a new mind to lay waste / an old hungry hell lapping

flesh with flame / a life cut short / beneath the taunting of a blade /

or an oven door disguised as an exit sign / singing carbon monoxide

lullabies / perhaps the same that soothed Sylvia to sleep … / a feast

to ensure hope’s de-boned & devoured / as a starving servant /


previously published in issue #17 of Into the Void

J.A. Handville is a poet based in Syracuse, New York, and the self-published author of Internalize (2018) and Drowning in the Ink of Oblivion (2021). In between consuming copious amounts of coffee, J.A. Handville creates collages and poetry often themed around the difficulties of love, mental illness, and the human condition. J.A. Handville’s poetry has been published in Unvael, Into the Void, Dissonance Magazine, VAINE Magazine, and Humana Obscura. You can find him on Instagram at j.a._handville.

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