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October 5, 2022

What the Sign on My Door Says

Jackie Chou
What the Sign on My Door Says

I'm Oyzis*.

I see you've come

with my doppelganger,

a pair of bongos

strapped to your chest,

a singsong feline,

a pirouette.

You wear a leotard and a tutu, dance the jitterbug.

You open

a box full of smiles.

They're fake, unfitting my face. I doubt you'd make me smile today, or the next day.

Until you find a way,

kindly go away.

*the Greek goddess of misery

Jackie Chou is a poet of Japanese short form poetry and free verses from Southern California who gets her inspiration from both her inner world and outer surroundings. Besides writing, she loves to watch the news, Jeopardy, and talent competitions on TV.

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