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Poetry Journey
Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Cento poem from Pablo Neruda’s: The Complete Memoirs 


Walking against 

sealed wombs aware 

of the burn, my words 

journey, companion you 

to recognize my poetry—

she, my guide dark

flare driven love

suffusing of solitudes,

today, my voice accepts

you, wounded sometimes

cheer unchained forest 

shatter my secret heart

lights deep in tenderness, 

gulfs flames age of lost 

love, the mother of 

my solitudes, discovery 

of thorns in depths, 

my anxiety sea grasps 

dark wind, impassioned 

flight blaze in echoes, 

the joy of poetry nets— 

my pleasures of night.  

Adrian Ernesto Trees crop.jpg

Adrian Ernesto is the author of Flashes & Verses… Becoming Attractions from Unsolicited Press, Between the Spine from Picture Show Press and La Belle Ajar & We Are the Ones Possessed from CLASH Books and Speaking con su Sombra with Alegría Publishing. 

Adrian lives with his wife in Los Angeles with their adorably spoiled cat Woody Gold.

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