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The Power of Finding Yourself Through Journaling

We wonder how self-improvement can occur in our lives. Will it happen if we read good self-help books? Or if we listen to podcasts with experienced talk show hosts? Listening to people who have something we can take and learn from is great, yet we should never shy away from connecting and healing ourselves.

None of these options is a “wrong option.” The drawback is when we start listening more to others, instead of digging deep down internally to work it out on our own, using a powerful tool. That tool is journaling. We ask those we love around us to help us with our problems, but little do we know or think that we can solve them on our own.

Often when we think of writing, we think of well-developed novels or fiction. Yes, this fits in the category of writing, but we are forgetting that we can write for ourselves. We can write about our everyday life and keep it to and for ourselves. That's where the word “journaling” enters.

In keeping a journal it’s not only important to write about the joyful moments in your life, but also about the difficult moments.

Journaling can help you be more aware of who you are, what you feel, and why you feel it.

Once you know that, you can step back and understand what areas in your life need improvement. Listening or reading things about self-help is a great start, but the true motivation is right inside of you! Through journaling, you can keep track of your progress and most importantly - connect to yourself and prioritize your mental health.


Poem From: I Love My Love

accept yourself as a work in progress the continue

to build yourself into the person you’re dreaming to be;

the person you have all the potential to be.

accept your flaws, accept your truths. accept your past.

and make light of them. no one can tear you down if

you make peace with who you are and where you’ve

been. if you are going to focus on the negative at all,

focus on turning them into positives. focus on growing.

sometimes, oftentimes, our minds are the scariest

place to sit. it’ll trick you into comparing yourself

to others and it’ll trick you into believing you aren’t

good enough. but you are. you have always been

and you always will be. you’re much more powerful

when you believe in yourself. if you don’t love

all of you, who will?

give yourself time to blossom.

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