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Ezequiel Espiricueta

Sometimes I don’t want to (can’t) speak.

Many things are on my mind


plays tricks until I feel fine (or not).


Sometimes I’m quiet

because I know it can’t hurt anyone,

until I’m shaken and told

“Speak up!” 

          Silence can be worse than

asking “what’s wrong?” or saying “that’s wrong.”


Sometimes I’m just still in the silence:

Being close to the ones I love,

watching them laugh and wondering too much.

          Am I happy too?


And sometimes I like to share,

with the loved ones in my life,

         silence spoken through bites of food.


Ezequiel Espiricueta is a writer from Southeast Los Angeles. Through his writings and efforts in environmental justice he hopes to give back to his community. He loves to read in his free time.

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