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Sonnet for My Love
by Luivette Resto

My love stands vertically on bookshelves in Neruda’s pages
(the Spanish version not the English translation)

porque mi amor no puede ser controlado como las olas del mar.


My love is exit 4 on the Cross Bronx Expressway
bundled up in a goose down, wearing Timbs and gold hoop earrings.


My love is passionate and intense
like Rosie Perez’s pelvic thrusts on Soul Train.


My love is messy like my college dorm floor,

dizzying like a Six Flags roller coaster.


My love burns like a double barrel aged rye whisky.

My love is lonely. 

My love is unforgettable like these books,
as I drag my fingertips across their spines
like I did yours last night.


Luivette Resto, a mother, teacher, poet, and Wonder Woman fanatic, was born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico but proudly raised in the Bronx. Her two books of poetry Unfinished Portrait and Ascension have been published by Tía Chucha Press. Some of her latest work can be found on the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center website, Bozalta, Spillway, and North American Review. Her third poetry collection is forthcoming with FlowerSong Press. She lives in the San Gabriel Valley with her three children aka her revolutionaries. 

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