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by Jordanna Leigh

Remembering the times when I was beaten black and blue; told I was
"unworthy" but deep down I knew. 

My mind was awakened, early when I was a kid. Awakened to the fact,
everything was wrong that he did. 

He watched me suffer, day in and day out - in hopes that I would never
understand what life was truly about. 

He wanted me to fall and succumb to the pain that I endured. However, in my
head, I was always reassured.

"You can get through anything. There's more to living than this. Darling, you 
wont always have to struggle in the abyss.

Just swim your way to the top and eventually you'll see that you can conquer
anything! Wiping away all of the debris. 

The debris from your chest, your brain, and your soul. You are a trooper and in 
time, you WILL reach your goal."

I'll never forget the fight, that lays within my head - without that, there's no 
doubt, I surely would be dead. 

The fight gives me the strength to plod on and live; try and provide my little 
girl, with everything that I can possibly give. 

I pour my heart and spirit into the things that I cherish and love - 
definition of a Survior - the word fits me like a glove. 

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Hello, I am a writer from England. I write about my thoughts/feeling and emotions of past traumas I have suffered- especially in childhood. I am a child sexual abuse survivor and wish to tell my story and inspire others.

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