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The dew of a single gingko leaf
Bongani Zungu

I will search for you through 千 worlds 

and 一万 lifetimes until I find you.


The way forth faced within.

In the rush of rolling currents;

In the quiet ease of colored grass

and golden patterns paved.


An instant more, the slightest tip

touched one platinum leaf; peculiar.

Twirls in twos, it twists;

like the eyes of a curious child

monitoring the boat drift and drift

away to the belly of a thousand waves.


I will wait for you in all of them.

Bongani Zungu _ Singular Poet_edited.jpg

Bongani Zungu/Singular Poet is a South African Poet.


He threads his words with the intent to reveal the subtle sophistry of knowledge and what he believes to be a hidden expanse of human experience beyond just love in a simple, relatable way.


Often using short sentences and fragments skillfully, which then contribute to the rhythm of his pieces, his poems touch on a number of themes guided by life experiences, investment in knowledge, awareness of changing times, and a sense of imagination.

Bongani Zungu has had his work published in Poetry Soup's second Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World, PS: It's Still Poetry, in a number of online magazines and journals, and Waldorf Stories - in honor of the Waldorf Astoria's 90th anniversary on Park Avenue.

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