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The Little Girl on the Swing 
by Nicole Favors

The little girl I saw on the swings faced responsibility, and I could still see it triggering her mentality.

Becoming an adult when you were meant to be a child is confusing. Not sure of what it’s like to actually be someone your age or the age that represents the way you are depicted.

I’ve grabbed the hand of the little girl I saw on the swings smiling so large as if nothing was ever a concern.

I didn’t want to worry her with my concerns of who I thought she was becoming since it meant nothing to what she was going to unravel in the future.

I recognized that she craves the attention, love, and affection of a human being. She always carried others' hurt, regrets, and mistakes on her back. So no one ever knew of the weight she carried. Which is why you may see bruises on her back if only you lifted up her shirt.

The sunlight made her look like such a goddess that I had to remember she is only a child.

The way that she only spoke when asked, made me understand why she only found a home within herself.

The way she looked at the world around her and had the ability to analyze people's true intentions was misleading since she was just a little girl, but what I didn’t know is that she had an old soul.

I was stunned when I found out the understanding of what the universe had in plan for her since she wanted to hide from the world ever so dearly. The world wanted to expose the talent she possessed since she was little, her soul was so vibrant that the world chose her specifically to show the light inside of her that had always been shining.

- I am that little girl on the swing

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My high school experience was a bit different than most. From 7th-12th grade, I was homeschooled, which took me some time to adapt to not only a new lifestyle, but along with that, I was on a constant journey of self-discovery. I always found such gratification from journaling and writing poems to articulate my feelings. I kept practicing writing daily, yet little did I know that writing helped me with my journey of self-discovery in ways I couldn't see until now. Writing is more than something I do for fun, it's something that I'm able to put so much heart into whenever I have the ability to do any writing assignment. Writing is helping me understand who I am and the impact I want to leave before my life comes to a close. From my enjoyment of writing poems, short stories, and journaling, my love for writing continues to grow stronger and stronger -- that's how I know this is my passion and somehow, somehow, I'm on the right track. 

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