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by Stephanie Sorady

Re-arranges the brain
and unfortunately, this change
isn't neatly contained;
it moves through our bodies,
emotions manifesting as physical pain,

back aches
sleepless nights
all your energy - drained. 

Maybe you lash out at your loved ones,
losing your patience more and more.
Maybe it feels better to stay inside,
away from the grinding irritation
of crowds, loud noises, and blinding lights.
Maybe it's that certain smell, 
that comes out of nowhere
dragging you back to hell. 

You've done nothing wrong;
somewhere on this path
all of you alarm systems
were switched to ON. 

After trauma, nothing is the same.
With the intent to protect
mind and spirit,
the body will keep fighting
against dangers that 
exist in the past. 

Will it ever be okay
to put the armor away, 
to let go of control,
to be willing to make mistakes?


new neurons
new nervous system
new opportunities for growth,

it we can sit through the fire
if we can learn how to cool the flames,
if we can summon the strength to 
sift through ashes day after day. 

There is more to uncover,
more compassion
more connection
more meaning

Trauma comes for us all
but so does transformation.

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Stephanie Sorady is a poet, writer, and mental health professional born and raised in Los Angeles. As a result of her own experiences with anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress, she is passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health topics and empowering readers through her work. Her writing also proudly incorporates her Mexican & Irish American background and explores themes such as mindfulness, grief/loss, self-love, feminism and spirituality. Her debut poetry collection Kiss from God will be released September 2021 through Alegria publishing. She lives with her husband, Andrew, her dog, Stella, and parakket, Delta. You can find her at and can follow her instagram @StephanieSorady_msw

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