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Was She to Know
Lexie Martin

Dainty fingers tap dance on the car window

Unpolluted eyes watch smoke billow into the sky

Adolescent mind thinking clouds are being made

Harken ears filled with loud detonating machinery 

Pure voice that hummed with luxury and time she didn't really have

Sensitive nose taught to love the lingering smell of toxins,

That same sensitive nose only smelling chemicals from the now normal, constant scent of the atmosphere.

That same pure voice never asking the needed questions

Those same harken ears somehow not hearing the pleas from Mother Earth

That same adolescent mind only knowing green as the color of money 

Those same unpolluted eyes watching the once colorful world turn to shit

Those same dainty fingers purposely dropping lame receipts,

But how was she to know it was wrong,

Or even what was wrong? 

How was she to know the impact of one plastic cup

And then another, and another


my name is lexie martin and I am a high school student who dreams of becoming an author. This piece is about the sad truth of today's Earth and its inhabitants.

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